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By: Erica Henry | June 05, 2016

Many of you have asked me questions on various subjects, so I have put together some question and answer videos.  

If you have your own questions you'd like to ask, fill out this form and maybe your question will be featured on an upcoming video.

By: Erica Henry | May 24, 2016

As many of you know, I am an adult coloring book illustrator and owner of Coffee and Coloring.  I started Coffee and Coloring when I discovered how much coloring helped me manager my anxiety.  I wanted to help others find way to deal with stress, anxiety, or just life in general. 

My child was a patient at Monroe Carroll Jr. Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital many times when he was an infant toddler due to a seizure disorder and other ailments.  I knew how stressful sitting in a hospital room day in and day out worrying over your child could be.  I decided to raise donations for adult coloring books to give to the mother’s of the children at the hospital for Mother’s day.  I wanted to bring a little joy, if only for a brief moment to the mother...

By: Erica Henry | February 29, 2016

I know you love freebies and interacting with the creators of coloring books as well as colorists, so I have some big news for you!

By: Erica Henry | December 30, 2015

This past year has been such an amazing journey for me.  I hope it has been an amazing one for you as well.

You might be wondering what is in-store for Coffee and Coloring for 2016.  Watch the video below to find out.

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