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By: Erica Henry | November 04, 2015

Have you ever walked into an art supply store and saw a set of watercolored pencils and wondered, "What the heck do I do with these?"

Well watch the video below to find out.

By: Erica Henry | October 21, 2015

What the heck do all the numbers on artist graphite pencils mean?

F... 3 H... B... 5 B...

Is it some kind of code? The short answer is yet it is. The long answer is that it isn't that hard to understand once you know the basics. This video will teach you how to decode these numbers and letters on the pencils, and also what blending tools you can use.

I hope you find this into to graphite pencils and blenders helpful.

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Happy Coloring

By: Erica Henry | October 12, 2015

A Big Thank You to my Colorist Fans.  Enjoy this wonderful video made possible by them.

By: Erica Henry | October 06, 2015

Squad Members!!! It's Contest Time over at the Facebook Group - Coloring for Stress Relief and Enjoyment.

The wonderful admins at Coloring for Stress Relief and Enjoyment will be hosting some of my coloring pages from my new coloring book coming out soon.  I will be donating several pages for this contest and it will be open from tonight until next Monday.

If you aren't already a member sign up here.

Details will be posted later on tonight in that group.

Here's a video about it for your enjoyment

By: Erica Henry | September 24, 2015

I created a mandala to give away!  Please feel free to share it with others for personal use.  Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter for additional free coloring pages as I create them as well as to stay up to date on the latest news from Coffee and Coloring.  I hope you enjoy!

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