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Ever thought about coloring a gray scale image?


I had been seeing colorist post the absolutely realistic images that they've colored all over Facebook.  Well, you know me, I had to find out how they did it.  I started chatting with one of the members of a Facebook group that had posted this type of image.  It turns out, she had colored a grayscale coloring book.

I started researching this type of coloring, and tried my hands at a few, and I was hooked.  So hook actually that I have a whole series of this type of coloring book planned for 2016.

Coloring a grayscale image can be intimidating at first, but just let your creativity flow by following the natural highlights and shadows.  The image has done all of the hard work of figuring out where the lights and darks should be; use it as a guide to bring the image to life.

If this peaks your interest take a look at the tutorial below that shows how to color in a grayscale image.  As a bonus, I've included a copy of the kitten from this video so you can color along side me and try out these techniques!

Get your copy of the kitten I'm coloring in the tutorial here.